How to use it in wedding work?

How to use it in wedding work?

How to use it in wedding work?

The total asset turnover rate is a financial concept that every wedding person must know. If you have props, you have to manage your props well.

It's better if you don't have props, because you're typically asset-light and think less about it.

Because a company that can generate income without assets, or a company that uses less assets to earn more income, is an excellent company.

If you are a wedding party and you have props, you need to classify the props according to the usage rate, not the category of the props.

When doing this, the advantage is that every planner and inventory in the company has an invisible concept of "turnover rate", which will further increase the utilization rate of your props.

The scale of assets is only a means for enterprises to achieve their goals. The value of enterprises is not reflected in the scale of assets, but in the speed and efficiency of the enterprises to obtain profits. The total asset turnover rate is worth further understanding.



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